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caustic soda to water ratio for soap making

13 Nov 20
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***** Kim, In the good old days you could get caustic soda at your local supermarket. Your explanation has really helped me. Thank you so much for this explanation. Thank you for challenging soap makers to think more about the process and for challenging the soap making myths that are out there. The values you will find in any saponification chart are approximations and may vary slightly from one chart to another depending on the source. You can purchase these inexpensively at craft supply stores. But if we’re making skincare soap we should make sure to have a little bit of superfat too. On technical data sheets saponification values are expressed as milligrams of KOH per gram of oil. Soap making requires practice and a certain level of skill. I look forward to experimenting on varying water ratios. To do that she needed to google ’saponification chart’ and start by finding the sodium hydroxide saponification coefficient for olive oil. So, let’s say our first recipe looks like this: We have a nice new mould and we know that it fits a batch of 730 grams of oils. The chemicals fermented are the caustic soda and the soda ash. These values are often given as a range of numbers, typically somewhere between 100 and 300. Olive oil 950gm 1498.6gm Castor oil 50gm 78.9gm Caustic Soda 124gm 195.6gm Water 250gm 394.4gm. Hi Clara. Instead of quickly brushing off my niece with a ready recipe to copy, I had taken a few minutes (while shopping) to point her in the direction of some tools to put together her own recipes – complete with lye and superfat calculations. Place the mixture off to the side and allow it to cool. In order for lye and oil to combine lye crystals need to be dissolved in water. The answer is no. Auntie Clara, thank you for this very helpful post. Caustic soda or lye is commonly referred to as sodium hydroxide at the store. Beyond that the risk of separation increases as does the risk of soap volcanoes and overheating – not to mention that the freshly saponified soap might be very soft and take a long time to dry out. And unless you have remarkable computing skills, making adjustments, tweaks, and changes to formulations will be a lot quicker on a lye calculator than by means of pen and paper. In this pandemic of covid 19, im planning to make soap for my online shop to have an extra income. I absolutely loved it and learned so much. Thank you. of coconut oil with 38 oz. Unsaponified oil in soap helps condition skin by adding oils instead of the natural skin oils that get washed off by the soap. You are a very good Auntie, Clara. Wear gloves and goggles when handling lye. To keep our numbers in order let’s keep them in a table. Your email address will not be published. Soap is made by saponifying oils with lye. Any water amount in excess of a 1:1 water:lye ratio is in fact a surplus. Teach a man to fish, he eats for life. A lye calculator should at least give a fatty acid breakdown, along with INS and iodine numbers for each formulation. A 5% superfat means a 5% lye discount, i.e. Three minutes later I get the correct calculation on Whatsapp. That is the most simple and elegant explanation of the process I have ever read. More water does not make the process safer either for soapmaker or soap so it’s not worth adding extra water for that reason. Instead, they were chosen to illustrate how lye calculations and lye discount calculations work. Pour 32 oz. I will be sending folks here for this. Now I suggested that she calculate how much lye she would need for a small batch of e.g. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Yet, the differences confirm the value of a slight superfat as a safety margin in soapmaking. Let’s see what it is that your lye calculator does when it calculates lye for your recipes.

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