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colombian chicken arepas

13 Nov 20
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Bell peppers can be pricey but look for them on sale; these days they do last for quite a while in the fridge. I love shredded chicken and how perfect with arepas! Hi Michelle! And for a few minutes, I was overcome with a sense of gratitude. , Delicious! We are well here and I hope you are too! Petra x. I love your site. This is a quick way to prepare arepas. Garnish with lime and avocado if desired. But let’s talk about THIS filling! There are so many directions you can go. This is a luscious shredded chicken accented with garlic & just a little bell pepper and tomato and all that would be good on just about anything. Most of the time I’ll make recipes with avocado when I see them on sale. Taste and adjust for salt and pepper and add a squeeze of lime or a little sprinkle of vinegar. Love the presentation! The play of the textures and flavors, the silky soft chicken, the vinegary crunchy pickled onions with the sharp, creamy cheese and the herby, spicy green sauce, each flavor at first distinct but quickly and messily melding together into one glorious orchestra of flavor…it took my mind from holding it together in a very real sense to doing nothing but holding that sandwich together, concentrating as each flavor, in turn, stepped up and took stage. Use frozen arepa dough within 1 month for best quality. Add the butter and salt to taste. If desired, the resulting broth can be used in making the arepas. You can use fresh tomato or canned (if you use canned just approximate the same amount as an actual tomato and if you don’t have another use for the rest, toss them in a Ziploc and stash them in the freezer to add to another dish, later.) We made this last night and it was a total winner!!! I’ll be sharing my Shredded Chicken (Pollo Mechado) Arepas at Fiesta Friday #325 this week, cohosted by me! OOOOooo! Arepas can also be topped with tuna salad, chicken, ham and cheese, sautéed tomatoes and onions, and beef. Don’t forget a little avocado & some lime if you have them  on hand (or have a wonderful son that will bring them to you!). I don’t know if I’ve seen them at the buyer’s club but usually, at Aldi (and sometimes at the grocery store) they’ll be both sold individually and bagged. Remove chicken from broth and shred. hi Mollie Often these are larger family packs so portion out in sizes suitable for meals for your family and freeze. You have mastered the mystery of Arepas! It’s easy to do and great way to have them on the cheap. Thank you for co hosting Fiesta Friday Happy weekend and stay safe! . Add the cornmeal to a mixing bowl and make a well in the center. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and let it stand for 5 minutes. Reserve a little of the broth to finish the dish and If desired, the remainder of the broth may be saved and used in making the arepa. Arrange 3 or 4 arepas in the pan and cover. Add chicken to a pot, cover with water by about an inch and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Great inspiration! This is a quick way to prepare arepas. The shredded chicken is very mild and family-friendly; any real “personality” will come from toppings you might choose. Once the chicken is simmered, I’ll just use that broth for the Arepas. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know! You can serve your Arepas with black beans or refried beans (from scratch like my Instant Pot Recipe or Doctored Up From a Can) and rice (maybe this Restaurant Style Mexican Rice or Instant Pot Mexican Rice) or maybe with my Roasted Corn & Black Bean Salsa which in this case, I just served as a side rather than on my Arepas. x. Hi Petra, thanks for stopping by! I’m always happy to give a shout out to a small business! I have never made arepas but will look in to it! Shrimp, pork, chicken, carne, black beans, queso -- common Colombian ingredients -- give arepas the signature tastes of Colombia's coastal and inland areas. They certainly love their carbs there!

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