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dr mario melee frame data

13 Nov 20
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Mario's downb hits on 8-9, 12-13, 15-16, 18-19, 21-22, 24-25, 27-28, 38-39, last frame to become airborne is 10, mash window for rising on 1-36. Captain Falcon Ganondorf Falco Fox Ness Ice Climbers Kirby Samus Zelda Link Young Link Pichu Pikachu Jigglypuff Mewtwo G&W Marth Roy Melee Frame Data … Doc can perform a lemon grab. For the rest of the move, it sends at 100 degrees dealing 8 damage on all attacks. Mario's upb rehits at a faster rate than doc's. Characters hit with the cape while attempting a grab will be sent spiraling a short height into the air). The inner id0 hitbox has size 700, 30/122 base/growth, the middle id1 hitbox has size 900, 30/120 base/growth, the fist id2 hitbox has size 1150, 30/118 base/growth. I'd be really interested in seeing that. ; Dropping your shield (Shield Drop) takes 11 frames Doc's early nair is 50 degrees, late is sakurai hit. On a backwards doublejump, Doc does one backflip. Doc's down b hits less often, and his intermediate hits cover him completely (except the first one, which is two hits near the fists like Mario's). It's second aerial use is about the same as doc's first aerial use. The level of detail that went into this is admirable. More hitstun = more time spent tumbling during the knockdown. Mario's fsmash has an extra hitbox where the fireball effect is that doc simply lacks. ", "Doc's dair has a less meaty sound effect. This character is great! Doc also bobs up and down slower than Mario does. Check back later for more information as I add it!! Base knockback and KBG on both hits is 20/100. This page was last edited on 28 May 2015, at 06:59. Average damage is around 10-13%. RIP. Frame Data Notes. To anyone that says this should go in the DDT, this is way too big for that. Mario's fsmash has the fire effect only on the fireball. Mario's down b hits more often, and has two hits near the fists during the intermediate hits. Doc's upb hits on frames 3-21, is intangible on frame 3, and ends on frame 37. 4 frames later, late hit comes out, and doc loses his leg hitbox. Mario's fsmash hits on 12-16 and ends on 41. According to Super Smash Bros. series creator Masahiro Sakurai, he included Dr. Mario because of his liking of the Dr. Mario series' soundtrack and his desire to include some of its songs for Melee. fields) except in two fields: Air Mobility A and Max Aerial H Velocity. Doc's final aerial hitbox of downb send at Sakurai angle, with 80/120 base/growth, dealing 4 damage. The window for jab 2 is a press on 3-25, jab 2 starts on frame 14 at earliest. If you have a related Youtube channel, enter the URL. Also is it intentional that if you quickly input down after dash attacking the momentum of the slide is cancelled and you do not go forward? Doc's reverse grab hitbox isn't as far back as Mario's. Doc's neutral air lasts from frames 3-31. Mario sticks his foot at an angle for his nair. Mario's upsmash hits on frames 9-11, his head is intangible on frames 9-11, and the attack ends on frame 39. Ends on frame 45. ID1 sends at 90 degrees, but is impossible to hit with in a practical setting. Sends at 90 degrees, 75/30 base/growth, 6 damage. However, using Cape will aid Mario's horizontal recovery, making recovering a little easier. IASA frame 38, ends on frame 38. It costs $100 a year for the privilege to post an app on the Apple Store. Hits on 5-9, ends on 22. Has 70/30 base/growth. Mario's dair has a different sound effect, a bit more meaty sounding. Reverse nair: Starts at 10 damage, and ramps up to 14 on the 20th frame. IASA frame 30. Mario's upb hits on frames 3-24, is intangible on frames 3-6, and ends on frame 37. Mario also is a decent edgeguarder, with Fireball (a solid projectile), and his cape which can easily and efficiently gimp almost every other character's recovery. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Sends at 45 degrees, 60/72 base/growth, dealing 9 damage. Doc's dsmash hits on frames 5-6, 14-15, and ends on frame 37. Deals 2 damage. him being dr. 'melee' mario probably confused me a bit if it is more based on the newer iterations of doc, no i mean in melee, his cape does stall him, but if it is based more off of ultimate/sm4sh than melee that makes sense, @OnePunchMudkip with up air? It is only visible to you. Base knockback decreases from 20 to 15 on late hit, KBG remains the same. All rights reserved. Has 70/50 base/growth. Mario's grab has slightly better disjoint due to how the animation works. Doc's taunt has him throwing up a pill and catching it triumphantly. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Size of the body hitbox is 600, leg hitbox is size 900. Mario's jab 2 sends at 83 degrees on all hits except the innermost (which never takes priority), which sends at 85 degrees. The armpit is ID0, taking priority should both connect. Mario's fsmash has 25/95 base/growth on id0 for all angles, and 25/96 base/growth for all sourspots on all angles, all hitboxes on all angles send at Sakurai angle. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. 10% damage. The final hit covers him completely, with a hitbox size of 1600. Mario's bthrow releases on frame 44 and is actionable on frame 24 of hitstun when throwing Luigi. Mario can perform a lemon grab. Mario's upb hits on frames 3-24, is intangible on frames 3-6, and ends on frame 37. Doc's cape sends at 110 degrees with 30/80 base/growth. Doc's upb hits on frames 3-21, is intangible on frame 3, and ends on frame 37. Mario's usmash sends at an angle of 83 dealing 15 damage with 32/97 base/growth for the entire duration of the attack. Doc's upb doesn't dip down very much compared to Mario's, causing him to have slightly better vertical reach compared to Mario. 10/100 base/growth, dealing 5 damage. Set knockback of 20. Doc's backair is a semispike angle, sending at 28 degrees doing 8 damage on both hitboxes for the strong hit. Size of the body hitbox is 900, leg hitbox is size 900. Doc's grab has slightly worse disjoint due to how the animation works. Sends at 135 degrees, 80/65 base/growth, dealing 12 damage. Mario can do an upb walljump by performing a walljump input during certain frames of his upb. Set knockback of 20. Mario is slightly thinner than Doc. Welcome to Reddit's finest Smash Bros community! Mario can platform cancel his nair as it does 12 damage off the bat. The backswing does 10 damage on id0 and 12 damage on id1, both having 35/75 base/growth. Mario's fireballs do 6 damage, sending at Sakurai angle with 5/25 base/growth. Doc's cape cuts his current horizontal velocity in half. Doc's jab 3 sends at sakurai angle on all hits. Doc's uptilt for its first frame sends at a sakurai angle, with the same hitbox/size layout as Mario, dealing 10 damage with 20/95 base/growth on all hitboxes. Grounded cape deals 10 damage on id0 and 8 damage on id1. Please note that the Mario/Doc (especially Mario) frame data threads have some misinformation, because there are so many small errors in there (No, mario's fair does NOT ac on frame 28), doc's is generally the more accurate version, I hope they ALL didn't make it into this thread, as I double checked a lot of them out, (I'm also kind of unsure about some sound effects and other minor things along those lines, so please correct anything I don't have!!

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