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13 Nov 20
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Cambridge University Press is part of the University of Cambridge. A1 A1 The authors and publishers acknowledge the following sourcesof copyright material and are grateful for the permissionsgranted. You can change your ad preferences anytime. Green – Lifestyle/Alamy; p180(BL): blvdone/Shutterstock; p182 (L): Wavebreak Media Ltd./Corbis; p82 (C): Juice Images/Alamy; p182 (R): Robert Niedring/Corbis; p. 184 (L) (male): Zurijeta/Shutterstock; p184 (L)(hanger): Kzww/Shutterstock; p184 (L) (background): Antonio-I /Shutterstock; p184 (R) allesalltag/Alamay; p186: Cultura Creative(RF)/Alamy; p188 (L): Kichigin/Shutterstock; p188 (R): CulturaRM/Alamy; p188 (B): Tetra Images/Corbis; p190: Richard Levine/Alamy; p191: Tim Pannell/Corbis; p194: Pavel Ilyukhin/Shutterstock. B2 A2 B1+ Intermediate Teacher Book [2nv8q8o0j0lk]. If any omissions are broughtto our notice, we will be happy to include the appropriateacknowledgements on reprinting. 978-3-12-540421-2, Assessment package, personalised practice, online workbook & online teacher support B1 Plus Subject to statutory exception and to the provisions of relevant collective licensing agreements, no reproduction of any part may take place without the written permission of Cambridge University Press. Trillion Dollar Coach Book (Bill Campbell) Eric Schmidt. Alle Preise verstehen sich inklusive Mehrwertsteuer und zuzüglich Versandkosten. Authors 978-3-12-540427-4, Assessment package, personalised practice, online workbook & online teacher support Reproduced with the consent of Guardian News &Media Ltd; p. 69(6) from 'Seoul Singer' (Wayne,G) Condé Nast,all rights reserved; p. 84 Book cover of 'Cambridge EnglishReaders Level 3: A Puzzle for Logan'(MacAndrew,R),©Cambridge University Press, reproduced with permission,photograph by Paul Gardiner, courtesy of Film Edinburgh(formerly Edinburgh Film Focus); p. 84 Book cover of 'CambridgeEnglish Readers Level 3: Eye of the Storm' (Loader,M),©Cambridge University Press; p. 85 Book cover of 'CambridgeEnglish Readers Level 3: Two Lives' (Naylor,H),© CambridgeUniversity Press; p. 90 adapted from 'Michael Phelps turnstables on childhood bullies'(Forde,P) 27/07/2012,Yahoo Sports,with permission from Patrick Forde; p. 91 adapted from 'PeterJackson biography'; p. 91 adapted from 'Interview With Benicio DelToro' (FeatsPress) Feats Press Agency with permission. 978-3-12-540422-9, Student's book (including Online Assesment Package and Workbook) B2 B1 Bestellen. NP00854037001, Student's Book + assessment package, personalised practice, online workbook & online teacher support Lieferung innerhalb von 3 bis 10 Werktagen. Cambridge English Empower A2 3 Class audio CDs A2 978-3-12-540374-1 zum Titel 39,99 € lieferbar. B1 Plus APIdays Paris 2019 - Innovation @ scale, APIs as Digital Factories' New Machi... No public clipboards found for this slide. A2 Empower is a general English course for adult and young adult learners which combines course content from Cambridge University Press with validated assessment from the experts at Cambridge English Language Assessment. 978-3-12-540420-5, Student's book (including Online Assesment Package and Workbook) 978-3-12-540414-4, Student's book (including Online Assesment Package and Workbook) Be A Great Product Leader (Amplify, Oct 2019) Adam Nash. Elementary. Key: L = left, C = centre, R = right, T = top, B = bottomp7: Panos/Piotr Malecki; p8: Shutterstock/Yayayoyo; p9(T):Shutterstock/Yayayoyo; p9(B): Shutterstock/Yayayoyo; p10(TL):Shutterstock/Charlotte Purdy; p10(TR): Shutterstock/TravisManley; p10(BL): Shutterstock/Ilaszio; p10(BR): Shutterstock/beboy; pp14/15(background): Alamy/Randolph Images; p14(T):Thinkstock/Stockbyte; p14(B): Alamy/Tetra Images; p15: BlendImages/Jon Feingersh; p17: Magnum Photos/Ian Berry; p18(T)(inset): pp18(T)/19(L): Shutterstock/Kodentseva; pp18/19(B):Alamy/Shirley Kilpatrick; p19(R): Corbis/Christine Pemberton/LatitudeSt; p20(T): Getty/AFP; p20(C): Alamy/Sergio Azenha;p20(B): Thinkstock/Fuse; p21:; p24(T): Corbis/SUPRI/Reuters; p24(CL): Shutterstock/Dimos; p24(CR): Getty/AFP; p24(BL): Shutterstock/Ziye; p24(BR): Shutterstock/MatekHudovernik; p25: Alamy/Jack Malipan Travel Photography; p27:Getty/ArabianEye; p28: Alamy/Jim West; p29: KindnessTrust;p30(T): Shutterstock/Sergey Mironov; p30(BL): Alamy/incamerastock; 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p81(TR): Alamy/; p81(BL):Shutterstock/Val Thoermer; p81(BC): Shutterstock/lightpoet;p81(BR): Shutterstock/Maxim Blinkov; p84(all): CUP: p85(T):Shutterstock/Felix Mizioznikov; p85(TC): Shutterstock/FelixMizioznikov; p85(BC): Shutterstock/aastock; p85(B):Shutterstock/Jomar Aplaon; p87: Corbis/Thomas Mukoya/Reuters; p90(T): Rex/Everett Collection; p90(C): Rex/Sipa USA;p90(B): Rex/Villard/SIPA; p91(T): Rex/Jonathan Hordle; p91(C):Rex/Startraks Photo; p91(B): Rex/Picture Perfect; p94: Corbis/Plush Studios/Bill Reitzel/Blend Images; p95: Getty/quavondo;p97: Getty/Cultura/Joseph Giacomin; p104(L): Corbis/AxelDupeux; p104(C): Corbis/Peter Dressel/Blend Images;pp104(R)/105(L): Getty/Hans Neleman; p107: Science PhotoLibrary/Peter Menzel; p108(TL): Alamy/Vicky Beaver; p108(TR):Caroline Eastwood; p108(UCL): Ronald Grant Archive/Universal;p108(LCL): Kobal/Marvel/Paramount; p108(CR): Kobal/Amblin/Dreamworks/Paramount; p108(BR): Ronald Grant Archive/Dreamworks SKG/Amblin/c20th Fox; p109(TL): Alamy/ A FArchive; p109(TR): Kobal/Amblin/Universal; p109(BL): Rex/c.

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