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examples of database marketing

13 Nov 20
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Leads: Sales leads generation and retention may be cultivated from existing customers based on purchasing information in your database. For example… An effective database marketing strategy should include intuitive CRM and database tools that automatically drive leads, conversions and customer retention. Retention marketing is a very deep topic. ... Just two possible examples … An example of database marketing [1] is how Facebook segments their user data according to first name, last name, email, phone number, date of birth, gender, location and interests. Repeat purchase, increased AOV, and an overall increase in LTV is often leveraged into expanding additional communication and acquisition channels. Database marketing campaigns are communications that are intended to get your customers to do something specific, like buy a widget. For example, database marketing might be used to identify a company's best customers and then create special services and programs specifically for those customers. … An easy example of database marketing … Database marketing is the practice of leveraging customer data to deliver more personalized, relevant and effective marketing messages to customers (both existing and potential customers). Retention marketing is a more general database marketing strategy that emphasizes current customers. Often, these campaigns are designed to address a specific business opportunity.

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