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how to make sweet potato vodka

13 Nov 20
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He also suggested Souza sit through the training seminars hosted by the local Holstein equipment broker. Cover the potatoes with water, … There is no need to peel them. Needing a break from tractors, sorters and the caked-on dust he had to wash off every time he operated an almond tree shaker, he went to Vegas and amassed a network of movers and shakers in the restaurant scene. Potato Vodka / Moonshine Step 1: What You Will Need. Allowed to ferment to complete strained and ran twice through pot and thump. “The real volume in Vegas is in the casinos and clubs,” he said. As the Corbin Cash brand grows, the family farm deals with higher demand, the threat of droughts and less consistent weather patterns. Each step takes about 90 minutes and then the mash goes into 500- and 2,000-gallon fermenting tanks where the yeast feasts for four days if he’s making vodka, and five days for whiskey. After adding distilled water the level will reach 43 percent. Total time: 6 days and 7 hours It was nearly impossible. That’s when the light bulb burst. But sweet potato farming wasn’t always Souza’s master plan. Some fresh water. Sign up to get a weekly email of what’s new in the craft distilling industry! Photo © Philip Andrew Hall, Sweet potatoes being washed after harvesting. Risk seems to course through the veins of the four generations of Souza men who’ve been farming sweet potatoes in CA’s Central Valley since 1917. Cover the potatoes with water, placed on a kettle. Transfer the mash to your mash pot and add water to reach 7 gallons of total volume. He manages 100% of the distilling process with assistant distillers Edith Duran and Eric Teague at his side. A few are aware of the fact that it can be produced at home too. When the spirit is ready, it is infused with cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, clove, allspice and 3% brown sugar before it is filtered into the bottling tank and reduced to 35% ABV. Put the mashed potatoes back in the kettle. The 40-acre property he has his eye on is large enough for a restaurant and concert venue where he can offer both farm and distillery tours. “In hindsight, making it is the easy part. I just never knew it was worth anything until now,” said Souza. “There’s not much variation in the process, but the ingredients a distiller uses in their mash and flavoring botanicals is what really sets everyone apart.”. After two hours turn off the hotplate and put the kettle in a cool place. Potatoes: 20-25kg But if you must, make sure you do your homework and before you get too deep into it, really prove your product is something people will like.”. It took two years to develop the vodka recipe, which was initially named High Roller. If I had to guess, I’d say 42-year-old David Souza III is a gambling man. Souza’s current focus is on using his new California Type-74 Craft Distiller’s license—which allows him to serve cocktails and operate a full-service restaurant—to build a larger 15,000-square-foot distillery and tasting room down the road. As a San Francisco-based freelance writer, photographer and marketer, he helps uncover the unique stories behind food, beverage, travel and lifestyle brands and the people who shape them. Taste like sweet potato and vanilla. By then he’d been bitten by the distilling bug and decided to go all-in. Fortunately for me, we grow tons of it! Add two ounces of vodka and fill the shaker with ice. Become a Spirit Enthusiast Member of ADI and get Distiller Magazine print edition delivered to your mailbox! Distillation time: 6 days Required fields are marked *, Prove You\'re Human * It will appear to be like porridge. Eventually he made it out West and, with earnings from working in mines near Santa Cruz, CA, bought a small plot of land in Atwater. It consists of ethanol and water together. David Souza out in his family’s farm as sweet potatoes are harvested. Photo © Philip Andrew Hall, David Souza, left, with distiller Eric Teague at Sweet Potato Spirits, in Atwater, CA. A year and half later, Souza found an Italian manufacturer for his bottles, which have become the brand’s trade dress. Mash potatoes by hand or by using an immersion blender. Getting to the 10-year mark hasn’t been without its hurdles. Boil Potatoes for 20 minutes in 7 gallons of water. “Colleagues asked where I bought my rye because there was a shortage in the market. Photo © Philip Andrew Hall. Sweet Potato Spirits produces 200 barrels of spirits, of which they sell 1,800 cases annually. As proof of my theory, the latest thing in the state’s fast-growing liquor industry is Covington sweet potato vodka, made from eastern North Carolina-grown sweet potatoes. In the mean time, mix together malt and around 2 liter of water. When it comes to making a homemade 20 Best Sweet Potato Vodka, this recipes is constantly a preferred I only got 1qt of 160 proof out of 4.5 gallons of wash. A Contractor’s Guide to Building a Distillery. When you require remarkable suggestions for this recipes, look no additionally than this listing of 20 finest recipes to feed a group. Or so he thought. The overall flavor was good with no off taste. For vodka, he redistills 140-proof spirits and rectifies them to 190 proof before chill-filtering and reducing to 80 proof. “On top of that, I was a new father and I wasn’t going to move back to Nevada to hustle and try to make it happen.”, “You don’t have enough money to launch the brand properly and you don’t have a celebrity endorsement to help you sell it,” a representative from Southern Wine & Spirits told him, “so sell your family story.”. “It will be a tourism destination for spirit aficionados, and a rest stop for people on their way to Yosemite,” said Souza. Your email address will not be published. Now turn the temperature of the kettle to 60 degrees. He makes a blended whiskey of 20% rye and 80% sweet potato, and his rye whiskey is made from 100% Merced rye, a varietal growing in parts of WA and CA’s Central Valley that his family farm has been using as a cover crop for 100 years. Looking back, Souza certainly feels like he’s gotten some battle scars, but business is good and getting better. Potato flavor is only in traces. Mashing Process. Utensils: 30 litre beer fermenter, large (30-50litre) kettle, meat grinder, large scoop, hotplate, Ingredients: In 2012, Souza was the first sweet potato vodka producer in the USA and is now the only producer of sweet potato-based gin, whiskey and liqueur. On their website, the makers of Covington note that this is a natural, because “folks have been making potato vodka for the last 300 years.” Oh, dear. Not because he dropped out of college to be a successful entrepreneur in the Las Vegas restaurant and club promotions industries, but because one day in 2007 he took a complete 180-degree turn, without any formal training, and decided to open the only craft distillery in Atwater, CA. Remember to give the bottle a shake daily. For anyone thinking of getting into the craft-distilling business, he says, “Don’t! How to Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Coffee, How to Make Turkish Tea without Double Teapot. Prep time: 7 hours Three generations later, the Souza family runs an agricultural empire, producing 40 million pounds annually, making them the second-largest sweet potato grower in the state. (about 2lbs) Yeast was DADY pitched @95 degrees. With a name and bottle inspired by rolling dice, he was on the road to producing the perfect Vegas vodka.

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