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how to teach 6 year old softball

13 Nov 20
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5-6-year-olds can try: volleyballs, tennis balls, or ping pong balls. After all, that’s why you are coaching youth softball…so your daughter’s team can achieve maximum success. Mar 18, 2013 - Explore Amy Ulrich's board "Tee ball drills", followed by 237 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about softball drills, ball, teeball. Good habits early enable them to transition to more advanced levels with much greater ease. Keep in mind your child's age and developmental level, natural abilities, and interests. Source(s): Have been coaching and umpiring for 30+ years and currently am director for the machine pitch softball divisions at our local little league. How did this happen??? Kids 6 to 8 years old are sharpening basic physical skills like jumping, throwing, kicking, and catching. As a Disney princess-y girl since birth, my 9-yr-old daughter finally wants to join the girls summer Softball League. Your child is no longer a baby, nor toddler, nor preschooler…he/she is a school-aged child! Baseball is sometimes referred to as hardball to distinguish the difference in the sport. These posts are specifically targeted for your school-aged children (who will always be your baby, whether he/she likes it or not): Reading: 10 Steps to Teaching … Choose a sport or two you'll play sometimes with your children and get the necessary things together for playing. Some enjoy doing this in organized sports teams, but non-competitive leagues are best for younger kids. If you are still hesitant about this strategy, go ahead and do it your way the first half of the season. As an attempt to teach her the basic skills of throwing and catching, I took her out to play catch. At the 8 year old age only the basic fielding, throwing and batting should be taught and repeated often. Softball is a direct descendant of baseball, although normally played by girls and women. I signed her up immediately. Here’s a tip that one of the coaches sent to me. I played softball & basketball back in high school, so I am THRILLED she finally shows interest in sports. Very clever and effective too! Coming up with new ideas for [tag]softball drills for girls 10 years old and under[/tag] can sometimes be a challenge. For example, get a basketball and find some local courts you can go to, or get a baseball, gloves, and a bat and try organizing a neighborhood game. You must shape your defensive strategy to their limited abilities to achieve maximum success. Teach Your Child How to Play Softball. The rules of softball and hardball remain primarily the same. These are 8 year old girls.

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