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13 Nov 20
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Bostonians tested those bounds later that year. This was implemented under the 1774 Intolerable Acts and known as the Boston Port Act. There was concern in the colonies that America would be the next to suffer at the hands of the EIC. Additionally, they also transported Hyson and Singlo teas, which were both green teas from the Chinese province of Anhui. Another surprising tidbit is that 22 percent of the tea that the patriots sent to the bottom of Boston Harbor was green tea. 2. According to the Journal of American Revolution, the Boston Tea Party was the final act of the series of threats that were carried out in Boston. There was no violence and no confrontation between the Patriots, the Tories and the British soldiers garrisoned in Boston. By 1770, Bengal was experiencing a severe famine in which between 1 and 3 million people are estimated to have died; the public held the EIC responsible. Even after independence, their identities were not disclosed. John Adams, during a visit to John Hancock in 1771, recalled that he drank green tea probably from Holland. In the Philadelphia Tea Party, held nine days after the Boston incident, no tea was destroyed. But the real facts about the Boston Tea Party are largely different than hearsay. In fact, the vessels were built in America and owned by Americans, but the cargo of tea they were carrying from London to Boston was owned by the British East India Company. However, the role of smugglers in the Boston incident, as against those in Philadelphia and New York, is highly debated. The owner, a Quaker merchant named Francis Rotch, protested that he couldn’t do this, by law, and so a stalemate of almost three weeks ensued. In a letter to George William Fairfax, George Washington wrote, "the Ministry may rely on it that Americans will never be tax’d without their own consent that the cause of Boston the despotick Measures in respect to it I mean now is and ever will be considerd as the cause of America (not that we approve their cond[uc]t in destroyg the Tea)," while Benjamin Franklin argued for some form of restitution. The EIC was sitting on millions of pounds of tea, which seemed a good way to pay these debts—if they could find a market. The actual location of the Boston Tea Party is thought to be at the corner of Congress and Purchase Streets—once under water, it is now a busy intersection. Since the reign of Elizabeth I, the company had also been fortifying, making allies, and fighting rivals in the lands east of the Cape of Good Hope. The United States and other western nations sent warships to intervene. Great care was taken by the Sons of Liberty to avoid the destruction of personal property – save for the cargo of British East India Company tea. Almost 90% of all teas available in the colonies were smuggled. Colonists believed that America would suffer the same fate in the hands of the EIC. Former. In America, this meant restrictions on westward expansion, stronger enforcement of customs regulations, and new taxes. Yet the choice of a Native American disguise was still significant. The Sons of Liberty emerged in 1765 to protest against the Stamp Act. The Dartmouth arrived in Boston on November 28, 1773, the Eleanor on December 2, and the Beaver on December 15. He led the Indian community in the burning of registration cards at mass meetings in August 1908. All Rights Reserved. 70 Pearl Harbor Facts to Remember about the Day of Infamy. There were to be four ships sailing from London carrying cargoes of British East India Company tea to Boston, but the William ran aground off Cape Cod on December 10, 1773 in a violent storm. The EIC, in all its colonies, enjoyed a royal charter that allowed it to fight wars. The Boston Tea Party took place on the night of December 16, 1773, a few years before the start of the American Revolution in 1775. American tax protesters have often invoked the Tea Party as their inspiration since the 1970s. They refused, so they were never compensated. Two: the EIC had a monopoly in the tea business along with special privileges, which cut off most of the local traders. Learn how your comment data is processed. What better way to blunt the sting of this epithet than to assume an Indian disguise? The participants were never punished. In 1773, the diplomat Sir George Macartney waxed poetic about Great Britain, “this vast empire, on which the sun never sets, and whose bounds nature has not yet ascertained”. The events of 16 December 1773 had global origins, suggests Benjamin Carp, and have since inspired acts of non-violent civil disobedience in nations as diverse as Lebanon and China. The events of 16 December 1773 had global origins, suggests Benjamin Carp, and have since inspired acts of non-violent civil disobedience in nations as diverse as Lebanon and China. Although taxes stoked colonist anger, the Tea Act itself didn’t raise the price of tea in the colonies by one red cent (or shilling, as it were). Soon after, a financial crisis was brewing in Europe that threatened the destruction of the British East India Company (EIC), forcing them to ask for a bailout. However, the 1773 Boston Tea Party remains the most known to this day. Facts about Boston Tea Party 10: the location of Boston Tea Party. Some believed that the protest was selfish, which somewhat rang true when people who did not participate had to pay the fine issued by the British government. Contrary to internet lore—and Bostonian gift shops—there’s no reason to believe the tea was in the form of bricks. It was simply a question of time. The colonists had three complaints about the new order: First, the tea tax was still unjust, but colonists might begin to accept it because the tea wasn't so pricey. To this date, only 116 members have been documented. To date it is known that 116 people are documented to have participated. tasted like tea after the protest, but this was actually not the case. The employees of the East India Company were not just traders in tea and textiles. The implication and impact of the Boston Tea Party was enormous ultimately leading to the sparking of the American Revolution which began in Massachusetts on April 19, 1775. There was only one person injured in the event (and they mistakenly thought he was dead). Nothing was stolen or looted from the ships, not even the tea. Fun Facts about the Boston Tea Party. 13 Causes That Led to the American Civil War, Ten Tea Parties: Patriotic Protests that History Forgot, 15 Little Known Facts about US Presidents, 14 Facts about W.EB. This was in fact 46 tonnes of tea worth more than £9,659. The William, however, hit bad weather and ran aground near Provincetown, Massachusetts. Contrary to what many people think, the Boston Tea Party was actually a protest about a corporate tax break, not a rise in tea taxes. When did the Boston Tea Party get its name? Due to boycotts and protests, the Townshend Revenue Act taxes on all commodities except tea were repealed in 1770. The Sons of Liberty were made up of males from all walks of colonial society, and among its membership were artisans, craftsmen, business owners, tradesmen, apprentices, and common laborers who organized to defend their rights, and to protest and undermine British rule. Now that’s one for commonly mistaken Boston Tea Party facts. Many stories have circulated claiming that the Boston Harbor tasted like tea after the protest, but this was actually not the case. Aside from the obvious fact that they didn’t want to be recognized, their indigenous clothing announced to the world that they were no longer British subjects, but true-blooded Americans. During the 19th century, Americans periodically drew upon the Boston Tea Party as a precedent for democratic protests: labour unions, the Mashpee tribe of Native Americans, women’s suffragists, and both foes and defenders of the anti-slavery movement. Besides the destruction of the tea, historical accounts record no damage was done to any of the three ships, the crew or any other items onboard the ships except for one broken padlock. The words Boston and Tea Party are deeply ingrained in our consciousness, but Bostonians weren't the only ones protesting British tea.

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