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kala elite super tenor

13 Nov 20
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For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Kala claims the Transit is water-resistant. Our knowledgeable Sales Advisors are happy to assist with finding the solution that's right for you! Hard cases never leave my house and are piled up in my closet. A stiff soundboard allows increased dynamic range but requires more force than a lightly braced soundboard to set the string in motion. Learn more. The only omissions are the lack of an interior stash pocket and a second strap for backpack style carry. Manufacturer's Warranty: Limited lifetime, SNARK ST-8 "SUPER TIGHT" CHROMATIC CLIP-ON TUNER, Musicnomad Cleaning Tool for Stringed Instruments, Musicnomad Premium Ukulele Care Kit, 3 Piece, Size: Super Tenor (longer scale, larger body), Body Depth: 3 inches, Number of Frets: 18, Fingerboard, Tuners: Kala Chrome Closed Gear, Black Buttons, Strings: Kala Elite Fluorocarbon, Tuned to Low G, Includes: Kala Elite, Arch Top Hard Case & D'Addario Humidfier Pro. With that said, these types of adjustments are normal for new instrument setup. This design is reported to provide better string vibration transfer to the soundboard than a tie block. View Details. As part of Kala's Elite USA series, this custom tenor ukulele is handmade in Kala's Petaluma, California workshop. In fewer words—a sweet bright tone. Waverly Button | Waverly snakewood strap button looks like a cropped tail! While shopping for a Kanile'a tenor, I compared a K-1 to a Kala Honduran Mahogany Doghair Tenor and my socks were dutifully knocked off. Elderly Warranty: None On the downside, string changes are fiddly, taking me about three times longer than a tie block. These strings appear to be a custom set using the normal first two strings of a Worth BF-LG set for A and E but with the low G (unwound) used for the C string. Learn more, An interesting variation on a tenor ukulele, this Kala Elite STMR-ST Super Tenor features a solid spruce top, solid myrtlewood back and sides, and a longer scale length (19"). One characteristic of Kala's Doghair design is a stiff soundboard, probably due to their massive x-bracing. I'm a working musician and hump two or more instruments across the island every day, so I'm a fan of lightweight gig bags. Kala Doghair Tenor Ukulele | Attractive book-matched hairy back. Kala Elite USA Koa 3 Tenor Gloss Ukulele (Demo) $1,199.99. Compare Wishlist. The bottom line is I have to pluck the string more forcefully than my other 'ukuleles. Kala Elite STMR-ST Super Tenor Ukulele. There was only one minor tweak needed: strings were set a little deep in the nut groove, slightly impeding vibration and reducing volume. If you're craving a soft touch instrument, the Doghair isn't for you. Finally, appearance is neat and uncluttered. It dishes up sweet fat tone, big dynamics, wonderful playability, handsome looks, precision construction and a little aloha from our friends in the land of the Redwoods. When I draw my fingers across this 'ukulele can actually feel the grain of the wood! Kala's premium 'ukuleles, Kala Elite USA, are designed and built in Petaluma, California. The Sight refers to the beauty of the grain, finish, and touches that initially catches the eye. If you crave traditional 'ukulele tone, the Kala Honduran Mahogany Doghair Tenor just may hit the spot for you. Model: Honduran Mahogany Doghair Tenor 1MHG-T, ©Copyright The design vibe is traditional, harkening back to vintage mahogany Martins of the early 20th century, but with hints of the modern era in the bridge and position markers. For Haydn's Minuet, I used arm vibrato and thumb flesh strokes over the soundhole (no fingernails). Over 40 years later, we’ve grown into one of the world’s most respected sellers of new, used, and vintage fretted instruments. Indeed, I found Doghair's neck more comfortable than the broomstick-like necks of Pono and Kremona or the ultra thin necks of Romero Creation Replica tenors. I put the K-1 back on the wall and that … This is a simply appointed but beautifully crafted instrument: no inlays, binding or rosette. Frets were polished and level and intonation was true up the neck. Kala Elite USA Gloss Hawaiian Koa Tenor Ukulele SN 27601219 . Each uke also includes a Kala gig bag or hard case and a D'Addario Humidifier Pro. Manufacturer's Warranty: None, Size: Super Tenor (longer scale, larger body), Tuners: Kala Chrome Closed Gear, Black Buttons, EC-, but needs some work (re-humidify instrument, purfling lines bleeding color around soundhole rosette, setup, etc. Yes, you could set it lower—I tried 2.5mm with another saddle—and it worked okay if you don't need to play fortissimo on single strings. Plus, not a messy glue joint, finish defect or sharp fret to be found on this Doghair. In other words, the wood pores are slightly pronounced both in a visual and tactile sense. I put the K-1 back on the wall and that Doghair followed me home. Sustain is shorter than my Pono MT-E and Kremona Mari. Her neck is on the beefy side with a flattened C contour. I own a Gator Transit Tenor case and I suspect the Kala Transit is a stripped down custom variant of the Gator case. I took a peek inside Doghair's sound-hole and was pleased to find large guitar-like x-bracing within its light as a feather build (604g). 2020 Peter Kun Frary | All Rights I'm not a fan of quilted exteriors on cases or jackets but the looks don't interfere with function. Does the Doghair have any gotchas? Kala's specifications indicate a 38mm (1.5") nut. Add to Cart. Our Showroom is open for appointments and Curbside Service only, Founded in 1972, Elderly Instruments started as a small store with a handful of instruments. You need to also know that the mahogany body does not only give the musical instrument a traditional look, it also endows it with an attractive old school vibe. Finally, while the Kala branded open gear tuning heads are reasonably smooth and hold pitch fine, they look like cheap Grover knockoffs: thin plates and rust spots breaking through plating. And, considering the price point, Kala should spring for better quality tuners. The actual low G is an Aquila silver wound string. Custom Kala Elite Hardshell case and Music Nomad Humilele Humidifier included. Nice sounding set but too high tension for my finger picking style. STB Bridge | Comely doghair figure with string-through-bridge. Kala Elite USA Series ukulele models are available across a variety of sizes in koa, mahogany, and other wood combinations.

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