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nutanix cvm exit maintenance mode

13 Nov 20
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When AOS is being upgraded and hypervisors are being upgraded the CVMs are put in maintenance mode one after another so there is not many reason you would wanna do it manually so i’ll just present how it looks when a CVM is in maintenance mode. Host maintenance mode is used to safely migrate all the User Virtual VMs in the host and make sure NO VMs are running on the Node. Reason being i have been asked about this a few times recently. STEP 2: From one of the other CVMs run following command to exit affected Nutanix CVM from maintenance mode: Command “Cluster status” shows the following for the CVM in maintenance mode, When back to normal Prism UI shows (as usual during normal production), Your email address will not be published. After execution of above Nutanix AHV maintenance command will take couple of minutes depends on the number of running VMs on the AHV host. The maintenance mode is very important in virtualization technology to do any maintenance / troubleshooting activity on hardware / software to resolve the issue. Follow this step-by-step guide to Fix a Nutanix CVM being Stuck in Maintenance Mode. How to Enable / Enter the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor AHV, Hyper-v node / host, Controller-VM CVM into maintenance mode to follow right procedure [..] Read more, Enable Nutanix Controller-VM CVM, AHV Maintenance Mode. Hyper-HCI Tech is open-share platform to Publish trending technology Blogs on Virtualization, Nutanix, VMware, Google, Cloud, AWS, Azure etc. End the maintenance mode in ESXi host from Web client/Host client. Follow steps from KB 2852 / Blog to verify cluster health. Start CVM from Web client/Host client. STEP 3: Put the Nutanix node / host into maintenance mode – this will live migrate running VMs to other hosts: nutanix@cvm$ acli host.enter_maintenance_mode , To run following command to enter Hyper-V host into maintenance mode. Copyright © All rights reserved | Powered by, How to shutdown Nutanix Acropolis Cluster, Nutanix Cluster Software Upgrade Order – Best Practice, Nutanix Cluster Services Down – Troubleshooting, Nutanix BIOS Uncorrectable Memory Errors Solution, Nutanix Frame Remoting Protocol – Explained, Nutanix Frame Supported Browsers, Devices, How to Get Nutanix Block Node Serial Number, VMware vSphere 7 Released with Exciting New Features – You Should Know, Nutanix CMDlet Powershell Commands Cheat sheet, Nutanix Metro Availability Troubleshooting. Need to wait until command executes successfully. b. First – Yes – CVM and hypervisor maintenance mode are two different things. Nutanix offer maintenance mode feature through command line only but in future releases it would be available in Prism UI to avoid the command line interface. Right Procedure to enable / enter / exit into the maintenance mode on Nutanix AHV, Hyper-v host / node and Controller-VM CVM is given below:Step 1: First enable the maintenance mode on Nutanix AHV hypervisorStep 2: Enable the maintenance mode on Nutanix CVMProcedure to Exit / Remove / Disable Nutanix AHV and CVM Maintenance mode :Step 1: Exit Nutanix Controller-VM CVM from maintenance modeStep 2: Exit Nutanix AHV and Hyper-v hypervisor from maintenance mode. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Step 2 : Run the following command to exit the Nutanix AHV host from maintenance mode. Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme. However – the easiest way to check status of your cluster is going into the Prism UI:). The following figure list the output for my local CVM only but apart from including same information for all CVMs in the cluster you’ll also get information about all CVM IPs, the Cluster state and if Lockdown mode is enabled or not. Note: You can find in output of “ncli host ls” command: STEP 3: Enter Nutanix Controller-VM CVM into maintenance mode via command: nutanix@cvm$ ncli host edit id= enable-maintenance-mode=true, STEP 4: Check Nutanix CVM maintenance mode status to execute following command.

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