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optex pir detector

13 Nov 20
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200m outdoor AIR beam wired, channel selection, dual modulation. 200m outdoor AIR beam wired, channel select., dual modulation, auto-adjust. See How to Enable JavaScript in Your Web Browser. Wireless curtain PIR up to 12m per side with anti-masking; Completely independent detection setting per side; Versatile and easy-to-install design; Not affected by environment or small animals Indoor laser scanner, 20m20m 95 degree coverage. 12m per side detection, outdoor PIR motion sensor, wireless bi-colour model with anti-masking. When browsing our website, please check the Cookie Policy and click the "Agree and Close" button. You can disable the cookies by your browser settings. SMDA logic: digital analysis for enhanced environmental variance adaptation. 60m outdoor Active Infrared beam hardwired with channel selection feature, 60m outdoor active infrared beam battery-powered with channel selection feature, 20m indoor/outdoor hardwired active infrared beam. Integration. up to 20x20m or 95° 30m radius, indoor / outdoor LiDAR sensor, wired /PoE, 30m radius, 190 degrees laser scan detector, features unique detection algorithm (All New Version 8.0 update), 12x12m indoor PIR battery-powered indoor PIR and dual tech sensor features a digital micro-processor. 12m per side detection, hardwired outdoor PIR motion sensor, standard bi-colour model. The CleanSwitch provides a contact-free, hygienic method for releasing a strike or mag lock to allow free egress through access control doors. Multi Angle Ceiling Mount Bracket : CA-2C, For EX-35, FX-40, CX-502, DX-40/60, OML and CDX, Multi Angle Wall and Ceiling Mount Bracket : FA-3, For CX-502, CDX, DX-40/60, EX-35, FX-40, FMX, MX-40, RX-40, RXC, WNX-40, Selectable Plug-In End Of Line Unit : PEU. "21x21m" or "2.4x45m" indoor PIR, hardwired, with dual purpose lenses, 15x15m indoor dual-tech hardwired with EOL option, 5m outdoor Passive infrared (PIR) detector hardwired curtain detection range with antimasking, 5m outdoor PIR battery-powered curtain detection range. 40x10m outdoor PIR hardwired with far/near/creep zone. 5m outdoor PIR battery powered curtain detection range detector with Digital Anti-Masking. High performance PIR indoor detector for high-end residential and light commercial installation. 360 Degree Ceiling-Mount PIR Detector : FX-360 Series. Sept. 15th, 2020, RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CALIFORNIA – OPTEX, Inc. Americas Headquarters Security Division announces the hiring of Kimberli Meyer for the position of Midwest Regional Sales Manager. 60m outdoor AIR beam wired, channel select., dual modulation, auto-adjust. 12m per side curtain detection, outdoor PIR sensor, hardwired with anti-masking. A robust, weatherproof and specifically designed Outdoor PIR for short-range outdoor applications. Grade 3 PIR and dual-technology with a range of 15 x 15 meters. 200m outdoor Active Infrared beam hardwired, 12m 90 degree outdoor PIR hardwired with antimasking, 12m 90 degree outdoor PIR battery-powered, 12m 90 degree outdoor PIR battery-powered with antimasking, 12m 180 degree outdoor PIR wired with anti-masking, 12 m 180 degree outdoor PIR wireless with anti-masking, 50m radius, 190° range IP laser sensor, can be integrated with major VMS providers (All New Version 8.0 update). Optex RX-40PI Pet Immunity PIR Detector, 40 x 40' by Optex 1 offer from $29.99. 120 degree wide and 12 m (40 ft.) detection area. Please try your search again later. The kit includes the Area View Finder AVF-1, the Audio Walk Tester AWT-3 and a set of area plates. The weatherproof Long Range Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor provides advanced outdoor monitoring, with high reliability against water, insects and other hazardous outdoor elements. Either high or low mount are selectable. Ltd. Boundary Outdoor PIR detector: BX SHIELD Series, WX INFINITY Series 180 degree outdoor sensors, IP65 structure with high sealing rubber packing, Easy Alignment wit visual and audible Indicator, Attractive slender design allows to harmonize with any type of architechture, Size judging function for reliable detection, Patented Double Conductive shielding technology to reduce false alarms, Battery-operated suitable for wireles transmiters, Hardwired curtain PIR up to 12m per side with anti-masking, Completely independent detection setting per side, Not affected by environment or small animals, Completely independent detection setting per, Wireless curtain PIR up to 12m per side with anti-masking, Dual purpose lenses which offer wide and long range detection, Short range curtain detection with antimasking, Battery-powered suitable for wireless transmitters, Intelligent & detection logic with unique pyro-element, Battery-powered outdoor sensor for alleyways, Easy selection for standard detection or pet alley mode, Selectable detection patterns (multi/ pet alley), Change analog relay output signals (N.C.) to original ASCII code, Supply power to detectors using PoE hub or switch, LiDAR with customisable detection area up tp 20x20m or 95° 30m radius (ver.

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