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protein powder mug brownie

13 Nov 20
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I did have to add a little water to it in order for it to combine all the dry ingredients, but it worked just fine. pairs so good with some low cal ice cream, my go to protein brownie recipe. Mix the following in a small bowl or mug and microwave for 1.5-2 minutes: Follow me on Pinterest to see all of my recipes organized in one place with photos! ), there’s always a chance you’ll end up with a tough or dry finished product. Not only is it quick to make, but it tastes great and really hits the spot when I want something sweet….which is every night. Hi Mason – I was really looking forward to trying this recipe but my brownie did not set up at all, is was just a goopy mess. My go to dessert when I’ve got to have something sweet and delicious but don’t have a lot of room to work with! Spray the mug with Pam first for easier clean up. We add cool whip on top or low calorie ice cream. I am thinking of using it to make chocolate covered truffles. Its super easy to make and my go to when I have a big sweet tooth!!! Your email address will not be published. I find myself making it 2 a week sometimes. I do think I used a little too much protein powder as it was a tad dry but I like that you included tips on avoiding this- I’ll be trying this again tomorrow! I like my desserts to match my personality: dark and bitter. But omg, it was amazing and cured my sweet tooth. This recipe is amazing! I add a splash of coffee and a few dark chocolate chips! Not only are the ingredients minimal but it’s only 100 cals!!! Also, the pro tip about mixing vanilla protein powder with cocoa to get a chocolate protein powder is genius – way to save me money, Mason! Directly after I finished it, I was then curious how it would taste with the unsweetened applesauce so went for round 2. This was delicious. We both LOVE it! I think almost better! It was so easy and a great dessert that fit my macros during competition prep. I’ve made it with PEscience and Bad Athletics protein powder and both turned out great! Thanks! I leave out the cocoa and add in cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger, and clove to taste. I’ve not tried freezing them, but you could probably freeze and thaw overnight. It’s fantastic. He lists the subs you can use in his blog! Thanks for the heads up. Love making this and my daughter loves this healthy alternative to chocolate cake too! It turned out great. As for toppings, fat-free whipped topping is a great way to trick your mind into thinking brownie with ice cream since the whipped topping melts a bit. I just made some protein brownies with casein (good to have before bed for muscle repair!) Any other suggestions? Helps cure my sweet tooth. Very nice way to enjoy a brownie without all the calories and the best part is easy and packed with protein. You’ll likely need to play around with cook time as it will vary on the size of jar and amount of brownie batter you put inside the jar. Used the banana substitution because i didn’t have any pumpkin on hand, but it worked out beautifully. I’m really happy I found this blog. I’d try 1/2 that (2 tablespoons) and add as needed to get a batter like consistency before microwaving. Hey Ryan, I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying it! I’ll give those ideas a shot. This mug cake is amazing! I absolutely love making this recipe and I probably make it 3-4 times a week for my night time snack. I absolutely love this recipe because it’s so quick and always satisfies my late night sweet craving. I’ve also added a few drops of coconut extract and topped with the Dairy Free Toasted Coconut Halo Top abs it was super good! I’ll include a few ideas to combat this below: Life’s too short for dry protein treats. Pure casein tends to be more absorbent than whey and even whey/casein blends like the PEScience Select used here. You can use my affiliate discount code ‘mason’ to save 15% on PEScience products. As always, if you make this microwave protein brownie, tag me in your creation on Instagram. Thank you! I make sure that I make room for this in my tracking just about every single day!! Just some ideas – let me know how it goes! While I will be trying the recipe again with pumpkin, I think I’ve found my new birthday tradition! Originally I tried with other brands I had on hand it was epic fail every time (of course I still ate it though). I love chocolate and this helps to give me that chocolate fix. I used chocolate protein and some Swerve granular. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend using a half cup of a lower calorie ice cream like Edy’s Slow Churned Vanilla. Depending on … This is genius! I’ve made it with both regular cocoa powder and dark chocolate and I prefer the dark! Hands down the best brownie I ever had. Used mint chocolate cookie pescience and came out tasty tasty! My go-to for that late night chocolate craving! So far no recipe from Mason has disappointed.

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