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sequential circuits keyboard

13 Nov 20
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This SIXTRAK keyboard is in excellent electronic and cosmetic condition.The cpu & audio electronics were calibrated to factory specifications specification, a new memory back-up battery was installed along with factory programs and the tantalum caps were replaced. It was the company's first sampler, and, despite its low quality and technical limitations by modern standards, marked a shift toward affordable samplers of better quality than its predecessors. The Sequential Pro One is a wicked little monosynth! Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. [2] Like the Prophet 3000, the Studio 440—and many of Sequential's products—lost sales due to the brand loyalty demanded by its competitors, including Akai Professional, Roland Corporation, and Korg. [2], "Emu Systems Emulator II, Part 1 (Retro)",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 July 2019, at 03:28. Sequential circuits Prophet 600 Keyboard. The 2002 also added some features to make the unit more responsive and accessible. Learn more. Sequential Circuits Split-8 The Split-8 is a polyphonic analogue keyboard synthesizer manufactured by Sequential Circuits . [2][3], Intended to represent Sequential's first entry into the low-cost digital sampler market, the Prophet 2000 was equipped with 256 kilowords of sample memory (word length of 12 bits = 1 sample), and sampling rates of 15.625, 31.250, and 41.667 kHz at 12-bit audio resolution. Back to Home Page Something went wrong. Sequential has added a significant enhancement to the Pro 3 multi-filter mono synth — support for user-created wavetables. Free Shipping. The Prophet 2000 introduced features to enhance its looping capabilities, which resulted in easier use and reduction in clicking at the end of a loop. [5] It is estimated that approximately 250 were produced before Yamaha's acquisition of Sequential. The Prophet 3000, a rack-mounted elaboration upon the 2000 and 2002, was released in limited quantities prior to the collapse of Sequential. As low as $14/month with. Like Casio CZ synthesizers of the time, the Prophet 2000 was also multitimbral, making it possible for multiple samples to be triggered off its keyboard at one time. SIXTRAK serial number 2355 has completed our restoration process and is available for $998. At the time, this memory capacity was remarkable, although it would soon be matched by other products. Watch. The 440 also made it easier to access the full 512 kilowords of available memory by allowing the creation of samples as long as 12 seconds. [6], In 1987, Sequential introduced a follow-up to the Prophet 2000, the Studio 440. It comes from the same period and genre as the Roland SH-101 and Moog Prodigy.The Pro One was basically Sequential's attempt at taking their legendary Prophet 5 poly-synth and packing it into a compact, inexpensive, monophonic analog synth! This was in part due to their incorporation of manipulation techniques familiar to users of analog synthesizers. It was the company's first sampler, and, despite its low quality and technical limitations by modern standards, marked a shift toward affordable samplers of better quality than its predecessors. Add to Cart. [3], Feedback was presented through a small LED display, which was typical for contemporary machines. The Prophet 2000 was a sampler keyboard manufactured by Dave Smith's Sequential Circuits (SCI) and released in 1985. The Prophet 2000 introduced a higher audio resolution, at 12 bits, and retailed for about GB£2,000, making it relatively affordable. Watch this listing to get price drop alerts. Sequential’s web-based utility Wavetable Generator allows users to convert up to 16 single-cycle waves into a Pro 3 compatible wavetable and load it … Instead of a keyboard, the Studio 440 used a drum machine format and included a sequencer. However, the 3000 was only manufactured in limited quantities as its release coincided with the gradual collapse of Sequential Circuits.

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