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silver nitrate properties

13 Nov 20
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in case of consumer and professional uses). 3.2, Table A), Directive 2008/68/EC, last amended by Regulation 2019/1243/EU, 25 July 2019, EU. This database contains substances that have been assigned hazard property (HP) waste codes 1-15, as defined in terms of the hazard class & category, hazard (H) statement, and/or concentration limits provided in Annex III of the Waste Framework Directive (2008/98/EC). 2(b)(i) - Hazardous Agents, Cosmetic Products Regulation, Annex III - Restricted Substances, EU Ecolabels - Restrictions for Hazardous Substances/Mixtures, Inland Transport of Dangerous Goods Directive, Annex I - ADR, Inland Transport of Dangerous Goods Directive, Annex II - RID, Inland Transport of Dangerous Goods Directive, Annex III - AND, Physical, Biological and Chemical Agents & Processes and Work, Workplace Signs - minimum requirements & signs on containers and pipes, Waste Framework Directive, Annex III - Waste - Hazardous Properties, Previous consultations on ECHA’s Executive Director Requests to the Committees, Konsultation zum Entwurf des Überprüfungsberichts, Harmonisierte Einstufung und Kennzeichnung - Konsultationen, Konsultation auf Ersuchen des Direktors der ECHA, Aufforderungen zur Einreichung von Bemerkungen und zur Vorlage von NachweisenAufforderungen zur Einreichung von Bemerkungen und zur Vorlage von Nachweisen, Konsultation betreffend potenziell zu ersetzende Stoffe, Konsultation betreffend Ausnahmen zu den Ausschlusskriterien, Konsultationen im Nachgang zu Ersuchen des Exekutivdirektors der ECHA an die Ausschüsse, Zielgerichtete Konsultationen zur Harmonisierten Einstufung und Kennzeichnung, Konsultation betreffend den Entwurf einer Empfehlung zur Änderung der Einträge in das Verzeichnis der zulassungspflichtigen Stoffe, Occupational exposure limits - Call for comments and evidence, Occupational exposure limits - Previous calls for comments and evidence, Occupational exposure limits – Consultations on OEL recommendation, Derogations for the protection of cultural heritage, Registry of restriction intentions until outcome, Registry of SVHC intentions until outcome, Laufende Aktivitäten der ECHA zu Beschränkungen, Abgeschlossene Aktivitäten der ECHA zu Beschränkungen, Informationen über Stoffe auf der Kandidatenliste, die in Erzeugnissen enthalten sind, Informationen aus der Verordnung über chemische Altstoffe, PBT/vPvB-Beurteilungen gemäß der früheren EU-Rechtsvorschriften zu Chemikalien, Verabschiedete Gutachten und bisherige Konsultationen zu Zulassungsanträgen, Verabschiedete Gutachten zu Beschränkungsvorschlägen, Mapping exercise – Plastic additives initiative, Stoffbewertungen im Hinblick auf Grenzwerte berufsbedingter Exposition, Praktische Beispiele für Expositionsszenarien, Praktische Beispiele für Stoffsicherheitsberichte, Wie Sie Ihr Antragsdossier verbessern können. Restricted Substances: Annex III, Regulation 1223/2009/EC on Cosmetic Products, as amended by Regulation 2019/1966/EU, 28 November 2019, EU. This section provides links to the list of precautions (precautionary statements) and to the guidance on safe use, if they have been provided in REACH registration dossiers. Applied to the skin and mucous membranes, silver nitrate is used either in stick form as lunar caustic More important for COO: enter a "0" if only two numbers are Need larger quantities for your development, manufacturing or research applications? Einstufungs- und Kennzeichnungsverzeichnis. disodium tetraborate EC no. More information about CAS and the CAS registry can be found here. Substances for which an agreed set of classification and labelling data has been agreed at EU level by Member States. Substances for which classification and labelling data have been notified to ECHA by manufacturers or importers. In some cases, a COA may not be available on-line. B. Silberalbuminat), in Lösungen flocken diese aus. This Directive establishes rules for the safe transport of dangerous goods between EU countries by road, rail, and waterway. Use descriptors are adapted from ECHA guidance to improve readability and may not correspond textually to descriptor codes described in Chapter R.12: Use Descriptor system of ECHA Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment. The classifications of the substances listed in the database are based on their harmonized classifications per Table 3 of Annex VI to the CLP Regulation (1272/2008/EC). For a detailed overview on identified uses and environmental releases, please consult the registered substance factsheet. Die Verordnung über die vorherige Zustimmung nach Inkenntnissetzung (PIC-Verordnung) regelt die Aus- und Einfuhr bestimmter gefährlicher Chemikalien und erlegt Unternehmen, die diese Chemikalien in Nicht-EU-Länder ausführen möchten, Verpflichtungen auf. Silver nitrate will bond with chloride ions and cause precipitation in the bacterial cellular components resulting in bacterial cell death. This substance is used in the following areas: health services and scientific research and development. It applies the European Agreements on the international transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR) and inland waterways (ADN), and the Regulations concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by rail (RID). This substance is used in articles, by professional workers (widespread uses), in formulation or re-packing, at industrial sites and in manufacturing. Silver nitrate is a chemical compound with the formula AgNO 3. Our team of scientists has experience in all areas of research including Life Science, Material Science, Chemical Synthesis, Chromatography, Analytical and many others. Precautionary statements - describe recommended measures to minimise or prevent adverse effects resulting from exposure to a hazardous product or improper storage or handling of a hazardous product. The list specifies the field of application or use, maximum allowable concentration limits in finished products, and any additional limitations. Examples include recommended measures on fire-fighting, transport and recycling and disposal. The InfoCard summarises the non-confidential data of a substance held in the databases of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). MDL number MFCD00003414. For readability purpose, only non-confidential use descriptors occurring in more than 5% of total occurrences are displayed. This substance is used in the following products: pH regulators and water treatment products. However, substance notifications in the InfoCard are aggregated independently of the impurities and additives. schließen Diese Nachricht nicht mehr anzeigen. The molecular structure is based on structures generated from information available in ECHA’s databases. According to the harmonised classification and labelling (ATP01) approved by the European Union, this substance causes severe skin burns and eye damage, is very toxic to aquatic life, is very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects and may intensify fire (oxidiser). Details of dossier compliance checks and testing proposal evaluation. ECHA has no public registered data indicating whether or in which chemical products the substance might be used.

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