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13 Nov 20
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xref Litwiller wrote a very well-detailed manuscript [26] comparing both architectures, pros and cons, making clear that both architectures have room to grow in the coming years. The technological challenge is to make contact to the two layers without obscuring the sensitive area. It has been tested with success to identify and map minerals of interest characteristic of two French industrial sites looking similar on standard color composites: bauxite, Bauxaline, and alumina for Gardanne, red and white gypsum and calcite for Thann. 0000039737 00000 n 0000039260 00000 n There are two main methods for scattering removal. Fig. 0000016856 00000 n Amigo, J. Blasco, S. Cubero, P. Talens, N. Aleixos, Ripeness monitoring of two cultivars of nectarine using VIS-NIR hyperspectral reflectance imaging, Journal of Food Engineering 214 (2017) 29–39. 0000006680 00000 n That means lower manufacturing and power consumption cost. The HySpex images of Gardanne were atmospherically corrected using ATCOR4 [100]. 0000007450 00000 n 0000005603 00000 n 0000013150 00000 n Using MCR as a step in these -omic studies allows describing changes at a tissue or subtissue level from variations in the resolved spectral fingerprints. 0000038939 00000 n Even in the presence of ambiguity, the ST matrix will accurately define the space of spectral signatures. Hyperspectral imaging is an suitable method for a variety of applications by producing the spatial distribution of spectral signatures (ElMasry & Sun, 2010). Example of spectral preprocessing for minimizing the impact of the shape of the sample in the spectra. Here it should be stressed that in cases where the image is relatively homogeneous, the introduction of the spatial information just strengthens the spectral-based partitioning, so that the resulting clusters are the same that would be obtained by standard fuzzy C-means. 0000038778 00000 n The detectors are designed to collect the incident light and convert it into electrical signals that can be transduced to visual interpretation of the spectral signature. Indeed, too many or too few estimated endmembers leads to abundance maps that are physically inaccurate by producing overfitting and large residual errors in the spectral unmixing results, respectively [81]. In the SWIR, there is a clear identification of the Al-OH feature at 2270 nm for both bauxite and alumina while Bauxaline shows a “flat” spectrum, consistent with its composition as a residue. To avoid the use of these nonlinear models when the linear mixing model is sufficient, detection-oriented techniques can be implemented to distinguish the linearly from the nonlinearly mixed pixels [142, 172, 173]. The absorption at 2300 nm is typical of carbonates (calcite). …which brings us to our next section – the spectral signature cheatsheet. and/or physical differences in broadly defined ground substances (e.g., crops, soil; [45]). 0000010237 00000 n In HSI, it is common to adapt the preprocessing methods coming from classical spectroscopy [5,23]. 0000009152 00000 n However, contrary to other popular methods of multivariate data analysis, such as principal or independent component analysis, the mathematical formulation underlying SU is driven by an acute will to model the physical interactions involved in the mixing process. Some of them (e.g., SMACC, N-FINDR, VCA, SGA, and Max-D) select one pixel to represent one endmember, leading to the inclusion of outlier pixels as endmembers [24,82]. Details of this study can be found in Ref. This line of spectra is clearly affected by the shape of the nectarine, effect that is minimized when SNV is applied. An etch step is used to expose the lower, shorter wavelength absorber and form an arsenic doped junction. Common radiometer is constructed with a single sensor augmented with a filter in order to isolate a targeted spectral range. MW/LW HDVIP FPA two-Colour Composite. This sample belongs to a data set by J.M. Reine62 reports a 64 × 64 simultaneous MW/LW dual-band HgCdTe array on 75 μm pitch.

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