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standing desk converter dual monitor

13 Nov 20
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The unit is easy to raise and lower, adjustable to multiple heights and accommodates two Dell 21.5" monitors with ample writing space. I would recommend the product and Standing Desk Nation. Each product on our site has a detailed list of measurements and dimensional drawings, to help you determine if the fit is right for you. Includes a small storage tray on the front top surface that provides extra space for accessories. It's also worth noting that most workers use monitors that are 24" in size or less (using the traditional diagonal measurement). This desk has the design and shape of a higher end desk, but with slightly less premium materials and springs. These are not only low quality but add to my safety concerns. Offers a large 37” x 20.5” desk area that can fit up to two 32” monitors. Thanks for supporting my business in this way. Requires assembly The top tier holds your monitor(s) with Vesa mounts. I also installed a monitor-arm for my laptop and 24" monitor which always puts them at the perfect height. You'll notice that we haven't included Varidesk on this list, despite the obvious popularity of the Varidesk line. This is the only type of fixed dual-platform converter I have found that doesn’t increase your keyboard height when sitting. The TaskMate Executive is American made and features a single z shaped base that sits on top of your desk. The desk is large enough for two monitors and still has sufficient work space remaining. Simple and reliable. The DeskDoc Strong features a lightweight and compact design. This "Column-style" converter is space efficient, and offers superior ergonomics and adjustments, compared to the others on this list. Large range with infinite position lock Infinite position lock I am enjoying using my stand up desk. Limited adjustment range The platform is large enough to fit dual 24” monitors with plenty of space left over for tasking. Here are just a few examples of why these desks can be less expensive when compared to some of the others on the higher end: I would also point out that not all cheap standing desk converters can be considered equal. The Rocelco CADR may not look as nice as the others, but it's specifications are on par with the higher end desks - at a lower price. We order the product for ourselves so that we know how it performs. You may read my full disclosure policy for more information. The movement pattern is also something to be aware of since the unit pushes you so far away from your desk when it is lowered. There are handles under each side of the monitor platform that need to be held down in order to adjust the height. All of the products shown in this category have dual ergonomics and large adjustment ranges. You still get the strong warranty, high-end build and sleek look that Humanscale is known for, but at a lower price point. High build quality If there is a down side, it would be that these electric desks are slower to adjust than the typical manual desk converter. Thanks Jackie, and Standing Desk Nation! Electric desk risers also offer the advantage of supporting more weight, so if you have a heavy set up, these might be the best options for you. The Flexispot comes in at a surprisingly low price, considering the quality of materials used. The desk top has ample work space. If you're particularly concerned about space, we do have some smaller models, as well. The unit has two gas lift cylinders that operate smoothly and quietly. I'd buy it again in a minute. The Winston is one of the few converters that allows for multiple monitors over 24” and is the only converter I know of that can hold four monitors. I love my Flexispot 47 inch standing desk converter! It mounts to the back of your desk with a clamp. Features a curved front design to help create a comfortable distance to the keyboard. So, it's just a matter of determining the desk that has the features and style you like - and that fits your space and needs. Good stability 4.5 out of 5 stars 47.

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