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swingline stapler repair

13 Nov 20
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Take out any staples that are jammed into the Swingline stapler by twisting them as you pull with a pair of needle nose pliers. Staplers are widely used in government, business, offices, work places, homes and schools. Readings In Information Visualization: Using Vision To Think Pdf, The plastic tab that serves as the rebound spring was broken–a cheap stapler design flaw, A piece of packing foam to use as the replacement spring. George McGill received a patent for the staple in 1866. The Optima series is only guaranteed not to jam when used according to the manufacturers instructions, which includes only using Optima premium jam-free staples. I believe if I replace it the stapler will become operational again. My trusty desk stapler stopped rebounding after I would staple, causing me to have to lift up the stapler manually to open it up to insert pages–not good. Hold the base of the stapler steady with 1 hand. A close relative to the stand stapler is the staple gun and the electric stapler. If you don’t have enough then it won’t rebound correctly. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Swingline provides durable and reliable office supplies to help you succeed. Some Swingline models slide staples in through the back of the stapler instead of dropping them in from above. Accessibility. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Other staplers, including back loading and electric varieties, have a button or knob for you to press. Bottle, Swingline Replacement Blade for SmartCut Commercial Series Paper Trimmers, Straight Blade (9613RB), SWI74357 - Swinglinereg; LightTouchreg; Heavy Duty Punch, 50% Easier, 2-7 Holes, 40 Sheets, Swingline Mini Stapler, Tot, 12 Sheet Capacity, includes Built-In Staple Remover & 1000 Standard Staples, Purple - S7079173, Swingline 502e Desktop Electric Stapler Staple Cartridge, 1500 Staples/Cartridge, 2 Cartridges/Pack, 1 Pack (S7050051), Swingline Paper Trimmer, Guillotine Paper Cutter, 15" Cut Length, 15 Sheet Capacity, ClassicCut Pro (9115), Swingline High Capacity Desk Stapler, Reduced Effort, 60 Sheets, Black (S7077701), 2 Staplers, Swingline Compact Desk Stapler Pre Packed with 1000 Staples (S7078911P), Black. Swingline / Contact Us. Unplug the Swingline electronic stapler from the power source to avoid an injury during the troubleshooting procedure. Airman also studied nursing at San Diego State University. Unfortunately, using the wrong size or style of staples, overfilling the machine and stapling through too-thick materials can still cause an Optima to jam. this stapler looks good but is missing the load clip and the front rubber foot. This original press has been steadily revolutionized into the modern-day stapler we know and love. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Popular Products. Learn more... Swingline staplers come in many different varieties, but they all open in a similar way. There's a problem loading this menu right now. If that doesn’t work, empty the stapler and pull the tray away from the base to give you better access to the staple. Look for a black triangle sticking out from between the stapler's jaws. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. Replace any staples that are not the correct type with staples suggested in the manufacturer's instructions. Quickly and safely troubleshooting a Swingline stapler will make the cause of the problem apparent and lead you to a few solution options. The Optima Desk and Optima Grip staplers by Swingline are comfortable and easy to use, and designed to be jam-free. A 15-year veteran of the restaurant industry, Airman has used his experience to cover food, restaurants, cooking and do-it-yourself projects. When you staple it will smash the foam and then open back up when you are done: Now you’ve repaired and recycled your broken Swingline Model 545 stapler and saved some money. Turn the stapler upside down and shake it to clear out staples you can't reach with your fingers. Swingline Optima 45 Stapler - cannot slide tray back in stapler, no staples jamming. Take the plastic top cover off of the stapler, remove top spring, and top tab and screw. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 34,655 times. Grip the jammed staple with the needle-nose pliers and, while holding the stapler securely, pull it up. But now the top part of the staper (the part that contains the staples) is stuck and won't come down.

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