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the age of maturity sculpture

13 Nov 20
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Camille Claudel explained the symbolism of this sculpture in letters to her brother as representing Destiny. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Thus, Rodin was shocked and angered when he saw the sculpture for the first time in 1899. The man is not actually standing between the women, the older one is leading him away with her, with no visible resistance from him. The first version of The Age of Maturity, only a plaster of which is in our possession, dates from 1894-95 according to a letter sent by Claudel to her brother Paul, in December 1893, where she calls it her “three-figure group”. Sculptures. Dimensions:         121 cm × 180 cm × 73 cm (48 in × 71 in × 29 in). National Museum of African American History and Culture, J.F.Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, National Roman Legion Museum & Caerleon Fortress & Baths, Musée National du Moyen Age – National Museum of the Middle Ages, Akrotiri Archaeological Site – Santorini – Thera, Museum of the History of the Olympic Games, Alte Nationalgalerie – National Gallery, Berlin, Deutsches Historisches Museum – German Historical Museum, Österreichische Galerie Belvedere – Virtual Tour, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía- Virtual Tour, Nationalmuseum – National Museum of Fine Arts, Stockholm, National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Jewish Museum of Australia – Virtual Tour, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia, Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Buenos Aires), Most Popular Museums, Art and Historical Sites, Museum Masterpieces and Historical Objects, Popular Museums, Art and Historical Sites, Musée National du Moyen Age – Thermes De Cluny (National Museum of Medieval Art),, Title:                     The Mature Age, Also named:         Destiny, The Path of Life or Fatality, Artist:                   Camille Claudel, Year:                     Modelled in clay 1893; cast in bronze 1913. This complex arrangement and a later abortion caused a separation between Claudel and Rodin in 1892, but they remained in contact until 1898. The Age of Maturity Camille Claudel (51 artworks, 1,526 followers) Camille Claudel (French pronunciation: [kamij klɔdɛl] ( listen); 8 December 1864 – 19 October 1943) was a … The sculptress envisaged including a tree leaning at an angle in the group to further underline her central idea of destiny. She met Auguste Rodin in 1883 and became his mistress. We created Smarthistory to provide students around the world with the highest-quality educational resources for art and cultural heritage—for free. Cite this page as: Ben Pollitt, "Camille Claudel, Featured | Art that brings U.S. history to life, At-Risk Cultural Heritage Education Series. Help Smarthistory continue to make a difference, Help make art history relevant and engaging. The Mature Age (in French, "L'Âge mûr"), also named Destiny, The Path of Life or Fatality (1894–1900) is a sculpture by French artist Camille Claudel.The work was commissioned by the French government in 1895, but the commission was cancelled in 1899 before a bronze was cast. In actual fact, the association of the three figures with Camille Claudel , Auguste Rodin and Rose Beuret arose some time after the sculpture was first exhibited. This version is the second bronze, which was cast by Frédéric Carvilhani in 1913 and is exhibited at the Musée Rodin. The younger one stays behind, her hands stretched out toward him beseechingly. Camille Claudel (1864 – 1943) was a French sculptor, who although she died in relative obscurity, has, in recent times, gained recognition for the originality of her work. Maturity was commissioned in 1895, and exhibited in 1899, but the bronze was never ordered and Claudel did not deliver the plaster model. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The three identical small female figures all bend their knees at the sight of the huge wave of onyx marble about to break over their heads. After Rodin saw Claudel’s The Mature Age for the first time, in 1899, he wholly and suddenly stopped his support for Claudel. – Camille Claudel, Photo Credit: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France [CC BY 2.0 (]; 2) Thibsweb [Public domain], Sponsor a Masterpiece with YOUR NAME CHOICE for $5. Born:               1864, Fère-en-Tardenois, Aisne, France, Died:               1943 (aged 78), Montdevergues, Vaucluse, France. Between Neoclassicism and Romanticism: Ingres, The cost of war: Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi, Early Photography: Niépce, Talbot and Muybridge, Charles Barry and A.W.N. He cut off support for Claudel and may have influenced the Ministry of Fine Arts to cancel their commission. We believe art has the power to transform lives and to build understanding across cultures. A young woman is kneeling who has just released the hand of the older standing man who he is being drawn away by the embrace of an older woman with a swirling drape. She never lived with Rodin, but the affair agitated her family; as a result, Claudel left the family home. Claudel, The Age of Maturity Video transcript - [Voiceover] We're at the Musee d'Orsay, and we're looking at a cast from 1917, the year that Rodin died, of his The Gates of Hell, which is this huge project that the artist worked on for the last decades of his life, that he never finished. . The original work, commissioned by the French state in 1895, is believed to have been destroyed by the artist after the second casting in 1913.

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