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the castle of otranto chapter 2 summary

13 Nov 20
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Manfred trembled with rage and shame. no doubt,” said Matilda; “you are a very discreet personage! The prisoner soon drew her attention: the steady and composed manner in which he answered, and the gallantry of his last reply, which were the first words she heard distinctly, interested her in his flavour. She knows your idle babbling humour, and perhaps has now and then encouraged it, to divert melancholy, and enliven the solitude in which my father keeps us—", "Blessed Mary!" His person was noble, handsome, and commanding, even in that situation: but his countenance soon engrossed her whole care. He will not fail to inform the Princess, who is the mother of all that want her assistance. Learn more about The Castle of Otranto in this article. said Bianca; "I have always heard that your family was in no way related to his: and I am sure I cannot conceive why my Lady, the Princess, sends you in a cold morning or a damp evening to pray at his tomb: he is no saint by the almanack. “This can be no evil spirit,” said the Princess, in a low voice; “it is undoubtedly one of the family—open the window, and we shall know the voice.”. Please to repeat your questions, my Lord; I am ready to give you all the satisfaction in my power. ", "It is my duty to prevent her return hither," said Jerome. will you—will you grant me my poor boy’s life?”, “Return to thy convent,” answered Manfred; “conduct the Princess hither; obey me in what else thou knowest; and I promise thee the life of thy son.”, “Oh! and at the very next word, he asks innocently, pour soul! "The Castle of Otranto Study Guide." Chapter II. "No," replied Matilda, "I will ask him myself, if he knows aught of Isabella; he is not worthy I should converse farther with him." ", "What stranger?" With this intention, as if struck with the Prince’s scruples, he at length said: “My Lord, I have been pondering on what your Highness has said; and if in truth it is delicacy of conscience that is the real motive of your repugnance to your virtuous Lady, far be it from me to endeavour to harden your heart. Hippolita’s countenance declared her astonishment and impatience to know where this would end. From Wikisource < The Castle of Otranto. Course Hero. What is it the tyrant would exact of thee? My office is to promote peace, to heal divisions, to preach repentance, and teach mankind to curb their headstrong passions. She wished to see me married, though my dower would have been a loss to her and my brother’s children. ", "Spare him! The shocking fate of her brother had deeply affected her. "Nobody has dared to lie there," answered Bianca, "since the great astrologer, that was your brother's tutor, drowned himself. Tell me, what reason did the Princess give thee for making her escape? said Bianca. ", "Mother of God!" Dost thou come hither to pry into the secrets of Manfred? When thou art dismissed from this castle, repair to holy father Jerome, at the convent adjoining to the church of St. Nicholas, and make thy story known to him, as far as thou thinkest meet. dear Madam,” cried Bianca, “what were they?”, “No,” said Matilda, “if a parent lets fall a word, and wishes it recalled, it is not for a child to utter it.”, “What! said the Princess. He accused himself in the bitterest terms for his indiscretion, endeavoured to disculpate the youth, and left no method untried to soften the tyrant's rage. “The Lady Isabella,” resumed Jerome, “commends herself to both your Highnesses; she thanks both for the kindness with which she has been treated in your castle: she deplores the loss of your son, and her own misfortune in not becoming the daughter of such wise and noble Princes, whom she shall always respect as Parents; she prays for uninterrupted union and felicity between you” [Manfred’s colour changed]: “but as it is no longer possible for her to be allied to you, she entreats your consent to remain in sanctuary, till she can learn news of her father, or, by the certainty of his death, be at liberty, with the approbation of her guardians, to dispose of herself in suitable marriage.”, “I shall give no such consent,” said the Prince, “but insist on her return to the castle without delay: I am answerable for her person to her guardians, and will not brook her being in any hands but my own.”. and revile me as thou pleasest.”, “Spare him! Download a PDF to print or study offline. "Chapter II." He trembled for Hippolita, whose ruin he saw was determined; and he feared if Manfred had no hope of recovering Isabella, that his impatience for a son would direct him to some other object, who might not be equally proof against the temptation of Manfred's rank. Course Hero, "The Castle of Otranto Study Guide," April 27, 2018, accessed November 26, 2020, no doubt," said Matilda; "you are a very discreet personage! replied Matilda. ", "No," said Matilda, "if a parent lets fall a word, and wishes it recalled, it is not for a child to utter it. or is he an agent for another’s passion? what noise is that! ", "How can I prepare thee for thy passage as I ought?" Manfred’s heart was capable of being touched. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. How are we entitled to his confidence? ", "Oh! “And would you have ME become a peasant’s confidante?” said the Princess. Yet afraid of giving a loose to hope, and suspecting from what had passed the inflexibility of Manfred's temper, he cast a glance towards the Prince, as if to say, canst thou be unmoved at such a scene as this? Persuade her to consent to the dissolution of our marriage, and to retire into a monastery—she shall endow one if she will; and she shall have the means of being as liberal to your order as she or you can wish. was she sorry for what she had said?" said Manfred; "I am no more to be moved by the whining of priests than by the shrieks of women. the casement is not shut; might I venture to ask—", "Speak quickly," said Matilda; "the morning dawns apace: should the labourers come into the fields and perceive us—What wouldst thou ask?

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