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13 Nov 20
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Marianna stands by Wilson Fisk at his speech, Marianna had then stood by Fisk, as they went outside the New York State Supreme Court Building and gave a speech in front of all of the New York media, including WHiH World News. While noticing the recently retrieved Rabbit in a Snowstorm had part of the canvas covered in blood, Benjamin Poindexter had murdered Esther Falb in order to retrieve it, she not only showed no signs of guilt or remorse for Falb's death but proceeded to ask Poindexter to frame it. In Weapon X, they lied about curing Wade's cancer. Marianna being forced to leave New York City, Marianna waited beside the helicopter as Wilson Fisk used his power to organize a violent escape from custody. At first, Marianna was shown to be inquisitive, smart, wide-eyed and humorous. [15], Marianna happily shows off her wedding dress. Marianna and Fisk had then headed upstairs to their penthouse suite, walking by Benjamin Poindexter along the way who had requested a word with Fisk, who rejected his request in order to spend more time with Marianna. The next morning, Marianna eventually awoke to find Wilson Fisk had already begun cooking her favorite breakfast, as she apologized for oversleeping. Marianna telling Wilson Fisk to include her. Wesley contacted Rosenberg to assist with the surgery while the nurses worked to save Marianna. Marianna met with Wilson Fisk for their date at the Brasserie, as their waiter poured a glass of wine for Fisk, which he tasted and approved for Marianna to have, as she confirmed that it was delicious. Through all of Wilson Fisk's secret dealings with the FBI which had allowed him to manipulate them to his will,[16] Marianna was finally granted permission to return into New York City without fear of being arrested as an accessory to Fisk's crimes, which Tammy Hattley was now working to have revoked. Status Following all of Wilson Fisk's confessions over his past life, Marianna had decided to spend that night in his Penthouse. Wishing to know Fisk better, Marianna then agreed to join him for dinner, noting that she enjoyed Italian food which Fisk had told her that he enjoyed as well, as they shared a laugh together. Vanessa Marianna is an art dealer who became Wilson Fisk's wife. Human Not even her near-death experience could break her trust for Fisk and she was consent with the fact that Fisk was going after the ones that poisoned her to make them suffer. He was tortured by Ajax and Christina until his mutation was unlocked. Marianna had considered the implications of this for a brief moment, before making it clear to Fisk that she approved of their deaths. Once Fisk had finished his talk with Carbone about their arrangements regarding the payments Carbone was making to him, he had then rejoined Marianna onto the dance floor for their first dance together as a new married couple. When Fisk asked how she felt about him, Marianna simply claimed that she did not know how she felt before walking away. Vanessa had a troubled childhood and was abused. In the comics, Carlysle was also a prostitute, but met Wade in Boston and not New York City. As a reaction to Leland Owlsley's death, Wilson Fisk's organization was revealed to the FBI by Carl Hoffman. Vanessa Marianna She cares much for her fiancé, Wade, and was devastated when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As they held each other in their arms, Marianna smiled and greeted Fisk, as the couple delighted at being reunited for the first time in two years following the FBI's arrest of Fisk and all his time spent inside Ryker's Island as a result. While Owlsley talked about Cherryh and his relationship to Cornelius van Lunt, Marianna had then felt herself getting dizzy, while drinking the champagne. Marianna and Wilson Fisk see Ben Poindexter, As confusion mounted, Tammy Hattley informed them that something was wrong and several agents were down. Marianna and Wilson Fisk arrive at their hotel. Vanessa Marianna Poindexter then threw microphone directly at Marianna's skull, only for it to be blocked by the arrival of Daredevil. Despite his superior strength, Fisk found himself at a disadvantage in their fight due to all his injuries as well as Daredevil's fast reflexes, as Marianna was forced to watch as Daredevil hit Fisk onto his knees. Marianna listened to Fisk's confession closely, without making a comment throughout. During their night, Marianna had slept beside Fisk, as he awoke due to a bad dream and looked at the Rabbit in a Snowstorm, only for him to turn back over to Marianna and embrace her, which helped Fisk sleep. Marianna and Wilson Fisk leave the restaurant, Having gained her approval of what he did for a living, as well as his methods for improving the city, Fisk then decided to take Marianna home before their New York City Police Department could shut down all the roads in the aftermath of the explosions, as Fisk gave Marcel a tip as he thanked him for everything that he had done for them that evening, with Marcel being briefly nervous that Fisk was reaching for Marianna's gun that he still had inside of his pocket.

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