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who finished mozart's requiem

13 Nov 20
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Mozart became consumed by the work, believing he had been cursed to write a requiem for himself, because he was about to die. One of the most intriguing legends clings to Mozart's Requiem, his final masterpiece left unfinished at his death on December 5, 1791, at the age of a mere 35.. The story of the creation of the work involves a shady commission, numerous composers and a blanket of deceit, … When Mozart died on December 5, only the first two sections, the Requiem and the Kyrie, were completely finished; the second to the ninth movements – the Dies Irae to the Hostias – were left in draft form. The students were graded on the basis of a research paper- the topic could be anything related to the Mozart Requiem, whether that be an analysis of the piece, a comparison of editions and sources, a history of musical requiems and Mozart’s place in it or just about anything else. Sussmayr initially claimed he followed Mozart's instructions. Yet, when Mozart died on 5 December 1791, much of the work was left unfinished. The work was never delivered by Mozart, who died before he had finished composing it, only finishing the first few bars of the Lacrimosa. At least one, Joseph von Eybler, tried and failed before Sussmayr finished the piece using the composer's notes and sketches. How, then, do we have a complete Mozart Requiem? Lacrimosa. Mozart’s infamous Requiem in D minor is a masterpiece shrouded in mystery, making it all the more fascinating, compelling and emotionally stirring. Mozart’s Requiem has been a staple of the choral repertoire since its first publication in July 1800.

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