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Welcome to The Rotary Club of Cherokee County. You may be familiar with Rotary, then again this may be your introduction to Rotary. You may already know that Rotary is an outstanding service organization in Georgia, The United States, and in the world. The purpose of this website is to demonstrate how The Rotary Club of Cherokee County provides valuable service to our local communities while contributing to Rotary at the state, district, national, and international levels.

As you travel through this website, you will discover how The Rotary Club of Cherokee County uses its time, talents, and treasure to serve the larger community by serving individuals. Our club personality is the product of each member’s commitment to “Service Above Self” and to the fellowship that produces that service. We are a group of individuals who have chosen to come together in service, and we have fun doing it. Consider this visit to our website an introduction to our club. As you view our activities, personalities, and accomplishments, consider visiting our club in person. Our club is only as good as its members and we hope your website visit will demonstrate how people just like you are critical to our success as The Rotary Club of Cherokee County. Enjoy your visit!

Carol Gage, President



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